SAU 35 provides educational services to approximately 763 students and 189 staff. Our programs are housed in five schools in the Franconia region of the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Welcome to SAU 35
White Mountains School Administrative Unit!

Our Mission is to prepare all students to be responsible citizens and afford them the opportunity to acquire skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to make informed decisions that lead to meaningful and productive lives.

2024 Election Results
for School Officials

Landaff School - March 12, 2024
Moderator, 1-Year Term - Judith Boulet
Board Clerk, 1-Year Term - Jennifer L. Cartwright
Treasurer, 1-Year Term - Tammy Heath
Board Member, 3-Year Term - John Barth (term expires 2027)

Lafayette Regional School - March 14, 2024
Moderator, 1-Year Term - James Walker
Board Member, 3-Year Term - Michael Rhodes (term expires 2027)

Bethlehem Elementary School - March 19, 2024
Moderator, 1-Year Term - Write-In MaryLou Krambeer (substitute only)
Board Clerk, 1-Year Term, Tana LaClair
Treasurer, 1-Year Term, Patrick Bays
Board Member, 3-Year Term - James Noyes (expires 2027)
Board Member, 3-Year Term - Margaret Hocking (expires 2027)

Lisbon Regional School  - March 20, 2024
Moderator, 1-Year Term, James Northrop III
Board Member, 3-Year Term - Robert Adams (expires 2027)
Board Member, 3-Year Term - Tucker Clark (expires 2027)
Board Member, 3-Year Term -  vacancy

Profile Jr/Sr High School - March 21, 2024
Moderator, 1-Year Term, Timothy Egan
Board Member, 3-Year Term - Michael Culver (expires 2027)
Board Member, 3-Year Term - Andrea Price (expires 2027)

                                                                                        INVITATION TO BID
                                                                                                   SAU #35
                                                 OPERATION AND MANAGEMENT OF FOOD SERVICE PROGRAMS 

SAU #35 is requesting proposals for the following operation and management of the food service programs:
                                                      Bethlehem Elementary School, Bethlehem, NH
                                                              Lafayette Regional School, Franconia, NH
                                                                   Lisbon Regional School, Lisbon, NH
                                                                Profile Jr/Sr High School, Bethlehem, NH

 A copy of the Request for Proposals (RFPs) may be obtained by contacting Toni Butterfield, Business Manager, SAU #35.
Any questions should be submitted to Toni Butterfield at 603-444-3925 Ext 304, email: [email protected].

Each school is an individual bid. It is not required to bid on all four school lunch programs.

Sealed bids clearly marked Food Service Program with the name of the school and should be submitted on or before Friday, May 3, 2024 at 10:00 A.M. to:
                                                           Toni Butterfield, Business Manager
                                                                                       SAU #35
                                             Mailing address: PO Box 780, Franconia, NH 03580
                                            Physical address: 760 Main Street, Franconia, NH 03580
                                                                   [email protected]

                 Each school district reserves the right to reject any and all bids in whole or in part.

   Human Rights Officer and Title IX Coordinators
                     2023-2024 School Year

                                                                                  January 2024
Bethlehem Elementary School 869.5842                      Principal Sue Greenlaw
Lafayette Regional School 823.7741                               Principal Amy Kopp
Landaff Blue School 838.6416                                            Head Teacher Molly Culver
Lisbon Regional School 838.7411                                     Principal Sam Natti
Profile Jr/Sr High School 823.7411                                  Principal Kerry Bushway
SAU 35 444.3925                                                                        Superintendent Kate Harrington Segal

If a formal complaint is filed, an Investigator and a Decision Maker will be named.

Inquiries may also be directed to the:

• US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, 33 Arch St. Suite 900 Boston MA 02110-1491 (617-289-0111)

• Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, JFK Federal Building, Room 475, Government Center, Boston MA 02201

• NH Commission for Human Rights, 2 Chennell Drive, Concord, NH 03301 (603-271-2767)

SAU 35 and its 5 districts do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation or marital status. 

2024 Budget Hearings and Annual Meetings

Bethlehem Elementary School

Budget Hearing Meeting, February 20, 2024 at 5:30 PM
Annual Meeting, March 19, 2024, voting starts at 7:00 PM and annual meeting at 7:30 PM

Lafayette Regional School

Budget Hearing Meeting, February 8, 2024 at 5:00 PM
Annual Meeting, March 14, 2024, voting starts at 7:00 PM
and annual meeting at 7:30 PM

Landaff School

Budget Hearing Meeting,  February 12, 2024 at 5:30 PM
Annual Meeting, March 11, 2024, doors open at 6:45 PM
and annual meeting at 7:00 PM

Lisbon Regional School

1st Budget Hearing Meeting, January 10, 2024 at 5:30 PM
2nd Budget Hearing Meeting, February 14, 2024 at 5:30 PM
Annual Meeting, March 20, 2024, voting starts at 7:00 PM and annual meeting at 7:30 PM

Profile Jr/Sr High School

Budget Hearing Meeting, February 15, 2024 at 5:30 PM
Annual Meeting, March 21, 2024, voting starts at 7:00 PM and annual meeting at 7:30 PM

Bethlehem Elementary School - Principal opening for 24-25 School Year

School and Community Overview
Located in scenic Bethlehem, New Hampshire, Bethlehem Elementary School (BES) provides for the educational needs of 140 students in grades preschool-6 for the town of Bethlehem. The area is renowned for its spectacular views, historic and cultural significance, and year-round recreational opportunities. As a leader in trauma informed practices BES consists of a dedicated and experienced staff who use a multi-tiered system of support for academic, social, and emotional learning. This fosters a school community of eager learners who are proud of their school. The result is a learning atmosphere that actively collaborates and shares leadership supporting the mission of BES. BES is ranked as one of the top elementary schools in New Hampshire based on 2023 New Hampshire state testing. Students thrive in a robust instructional and co-curricular trauma sensitive environment that emphasizes enrichment for all students. Seasonal programs include maple sugaring, gardening with on-site greenhouse, robotics, hiking, working with Wilderness Youth Leadership, the Appalachian Mountain Club, and Trees for Troops program, and Rocks Estate. BES is proud of its robust music program that includes band, chorus, and general music studies. We also offer many after school mixed aged enrichment opportunities such as drama club, knitting, intramurals, and yoga to foster connections. “We are a close knit community who has not only the best interest of the students in mind but of the staff in mind as well. There is a sense of trust amongst every single person in the building to promote a safe atmosphere for all BES community members. We work together to make sure every student feels that someone cares about them, is there to look out for them, and allow them to not only the best student they can be but the best human they can be.” At BES, we offer a competitive salary, excellent benefits, and ready access to a wealth of outdoor activities.
• Principal Certification
• Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university
• Elementary classroom teaching experience
• Principal experience preferred
• Committed belief in our mission and values.
The ideal candidate will demonstrate exemplary instructional leadership skills, an appreciation for all that our area has to offer, and a commitment to being an integral member of our small rural community. The Principal will foster a positive school climate that welcomes collaboration and celebrates inclusivity. Vision, initiative, resourcefulness, wise leadership, as well as consideration and concern for staff members, students, parents, and caregivers are essential for the effective administration of our school.
Position Overview/Key Responsibilities
The primary responsibility of the principal shall be to coordinate and supervise the creation and operation of an environment in which students learn and grow most effectively.
• Establishes and maintains an effective learning climate and community in the school.
• Initiates, designs, and implements programs to meet specific needs of the school.
• Makes recommendations concerning the administration of the school to the Superintendent and School Board
• Supervises the preparation of reports, records, lists, and other paperwork associated with the administration of the school
• Coordinates and directs the transportation system for BES students
• Upholds SAU 35 and BES policies and administrative regulations.
• Supervises the maintenance of accurate records on the progress and attendance of students
• Serves as an ex officio member of all school and District committees
• Delegates authority to responsible personnel to assume responsibility for the school in the absence of the Principal
• Serves as a member of such committees and attends such meetings as directed by the Superintendent
• Initiates, encourages, and maintains active relationships with all stakeholders including students, parents and caregivers, SAU 35 staff, the Superintendent, and Bethlehem School Board.
• Keeps the Superintendent informed of current happenings and challenges. • Arranges and holds meetings with parents, caregivers, teachers and/or students when necessary.
• Participates in and supervises all official school correspondence and news releases
• Prepares a written Principal's report for the School Board Curriculum & Instruction
• Ensures that the different needs and talents of students are fully considered when planning educational and social/emotional programs with the teaching teams.
• Stays current with research based best teaching practices.
• Understanding of trauma informed teaching practices and the special education process
• Collaborates and supports the staff in the development, determination of appropriateness, monitoring, evaluation, and revision of the instructional program grounded in best practices.
• Supervises and evaluates the classroom instruction
• Collaborates with the staff to create the master teaching schedule. • Evaluates with staff all programs that are an extension of the school's curriculum and are part of the co-curricular program such as six-week winter program, year-round after-school activities, and field trips.
• Supervises state mandated and standardized assessment programs.
Facilities Management
• Supervises the maintenance of all required building records and reports • Assumes responsibility for the safety and administration of the school plant
• Supervises the daily use of the school facilities for both academic and nonacademic purposes
• Plans and supervises fire drills and an emergency preparedness program
• Provides for adequate inventories of school property and for the security of the property and buildings
Fiscal Management
• Supervises the staff budget request process
• Prepares and submits a working budget to the Budget Committee
• Participates in the Budget Committee weekly meetings
• Works collaboratively with the SAU in developing the budget and managing grants.
• Monitors and authorizes the expenditures of funds
• Maintains and controls funds generated by student activities Professional Growth and Development
• Assumes responsibility for professional growth and development through membership and participation in professional organizations; through attendance at regional, and state meetings; through enrollment in advanced courses and conferences; and by reading professional literature.
• Will be evaluated annually by the Superintendent.
• Creates an environment that prioritizes staff wellness.
• Organizes and help supervise the recruiting, screening, and hiring of new staff members.
• Orients new staff members and assists in their professional development.
• Recommends candidates for professional and paraprofessional positions to the Superintendent
• Supervises all professional and paraprofessional personnel.
• Assigns and evaluates professional and paraprofessional staff on an annual basis.
• Arranges for staff development opportunities necessary to the establishment and implementation of programs that better meet more student needs.
• Conducts staff meetings as necessary for the most effective functioning of the school
• Develops plans and strategies for individual staff member performance improvements, according to established guidelines.
• Recommends the removal of a staff member whose work is unsatisfactory, according to established procedures.
• Supervises all student services including special education, 504, Title I, English Language Learners, Multi-Tiered System of Support
• Supervises the delivery of health services in accordance with state law.
• Supervises the counseling program to enhance students’ academic, social, and emotional growth and development
• Maintains high standards of student conduct
• Uses trauma informed approach to support or address student behaviors.
• Recognizes and celebrates student achievements and accomplishments.
• Attends school sponsored events   

To apply, go to and reference ID #4489243

Kate Harrington Segal
SAU 35 Superintendent

 It is my priority as superintendent, as well everyone here at the SAU 35 Central Office, to work and make decisions based on what is best for students, based on listening to and learning from multiple community partners, including building and SAU administration, faculty and staff; community; students and parents; and all school boards, including the executive board, while using data to inform, guide and assess our work together. 
We collaborate to ensure that students  have educational resources, effective instruction and support, in a loving, caring environment to learn and to thrive, so they can learn the best of what they are capable of becoming and have the skills, knowledge, values, and perseverance to pursue it.     

July 2023

The Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) is a collaborative group of parents and educators connecting recourses and support to those currently navigating the special education process and those with students in need of supports. Although they work collaboratively with the school district, educators and school boards, they are not an official committee of the school district. SEPAC works on systemic issues within the special education department and cannot speak to or address individual student concerns.

The White Mountains School Administrative Unit 35 is comprised of seven villages nestled around Franconia Notch. The towns that are served by SAU 35 are Bethlehem, Easton, Franconia, Sugar Hill, Lisbon, Lyman, and Landaff.

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