SAU 35 Executive Board

The SAU 35 Executive Board is comprised of members from each of the school boards including a voting member from the Chairman's board.

The Executive Board oversees the operations of the SAU and acts on behalf of the Board members to make decisions throughout the year between the semi-annual Full Board Meetings.
Currently the membership is comprised of the following:
Chairman Robert Weir,  Bethlehem School Board
Amy Mullins,  Lafayette School Board
Matthew Copithorne,  Landaff School Board
Arthur Boutin,  Lisbon School Board
Adam Boyer,  Profile School Board
James Noyes,  Bethlehem School Board

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM , at the SAU office, 760 Main Street, Franconia, NH, with the exception of June and December. Full Board Meetings for participation of all Board members from the various districts are held on the first Wednesday's of June,  and December.   All meetings are open to the public.